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Quickstart - Get going in 3 minutes!


AstroNote is an independent watchOS application that allows you to send push notification messages to your Apple Watch via a simple HTTP API.

AstroNote is open-ended and can be used for anything you like.

Quick Start

Step 1 - Install AstroNote

Using your iPhone, install AstroNote from the App Store to your Apple Watch.

Even though AstroNote installs through your iPhone, the app will be installed only on your Apple Watch - it is an independent watch app and has no iPhone companion.

Step 2 - Get an API Token

To send messages to your Apple Watch through the AstroNote API, you need to be authenticated using a token.

Visit the Devices & Tokens page using the same Apple ID that you use on your Apple Watch. There you will see a list of your devices and their tokens.

AstroNote uses Sign in With Apple and although you will log in with your Apple ID, your email address or other personal information will not be shared with AstroNote. This is an anonymous login.

Step 3 - Push a message

Refer to the Code Examples to see how to customize and send notification messages to your Apple Watch. As a simple example, use the following curl command to send yourself a welcome message:

curl "" \
    -H "Authorization: token YOURTOKEN" \
    -d "title=Hello, world"

Replace YOURTOKEN with the token that you copied from the Devices & Tokens page. The message should appear within seconds on your Apple Watch.


You can send us an email at Don't hesitate to let us know about suggestions, feature requests, bugs or questions about API usage.