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Push Real-Time Messages to your Watch

Send messages using your own scripts or automation through a simple HTTP API.

$ curl "" \
    -H "Authorization: token $YOURTOKEN" \
    -d "title=Transporter Failure" \
    -d "body=The pattern buffer is full." \
    -d "category=Transporter Failures"

Requires watchOS 6.2

Easy to use HTTP API

AstroNote uses a simple HTTP REST API that can be called from any language or environment that supports HTTP.

Simple REST API with JSON and Form support

You can push messages to your watch with a language neutral REST API. For more details see the API documentation.

Works with any language or tool that can make HTTP calls

See the Code Examples to get going with Curl, Python, JavaScript or Go.

The Sky is the Limit

Here are some great ideas for AstroNote that are easy to implement with just a few lines of code

Send yourself a notification when a long video encoding job is finished

Write a little shell script that gets executed at the end of the encoding job.

Get notified when a new customer signs up for your service

Integrate AstroNote in your payment flow to send yourself a notification when a new customer signs up.

Monitor the availability of your servers

Run a cron job to monitor your server, and if it cannot be reached send yourself a notification message.