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Frequently Asked Questions

What Apple Watch models and watchOS versions are required?

AstroNote requires watchOS 6.2 and runs on any watch that supports this version of watchOS. Currently that means Apple Watch Series 1 to 5.

Will AstroNote be compatible with watchOS 7.0?


I have an idea for a feature or improvement.

We love hearing from you. AstroNote follows a development and prioritization process that heavily depends on your feedback. If you have a suggestion for an improvement, don't hesistate to send us a note at

What information do you retain on the server?

AstroNote keeps the following data on the server:

Notification messages are kept briefly on the AstroNote server until they are sent through Apple's push service. After that, for quality monitoring purposes, we only keep a receipt of the push notification, which contains a numeric status code and a message identifier generated by Apple.